Successfully defending a debt claim in the County Court

Defending debt claims in county court is not easy so congratulations to our colleagues Ginis Padure and Khuncha Sabir, who successfully represented a security company in a claim heard at the County Court recently.

The claimants in the case were two former employees of our client, the defendant, who were seeking payment of various invoices due under a contract for services; our client argued the invoices were for an incorrect amount and therefore not due. Following submissions, the Court accepted that the claim was for a debt of a specified sum, rather than compensation for a breach of contract, and so the claim could only stand on consideration of the invoices alone. Having considered the evidence, the Court further accepted that the invoices were improperly raised, and therefore void and consequently dismissed both claims against our client.

Claiming for money can be complex, as it is important to ensure that legal documents are prepared and served correctly. If you are owed money or have been asked to make a payment that you think is incorrect, contact our specialist team at Forest & Co.



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